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Back Learn erotic massage to enhance your relationship

An erotic massage is more sensual than a standard massage and focuses more heavily on the erogenous zones of your partner, aiming to arouse them, with the possibility (though not always) of sexual intercourse occurring. Regular erotic massage can increase your bond, build intimacy, enhance your sex life and enrich your relationship.

First of all, set the scene. Mood and ambience are very important here. Make sure the room is warm enough for you both to be naked without getting cold. Turn off your phone, tidy the room and make the bed, set the mood with soft candlelight and music suitable for relaxing, and make sure you have everything you need to hand – towels, oils, condoms, lube, adult toys, food and drink… The list is limited only by your own imagination.

Sense of smell is an important, often neglected, thing to consider which can add considerably to the overall experience. Use scented candles or an oil burner to perfume the room and, if you are using massage oils, find out your partner’s likes and dislikes well in advance. Bear in mind that, if you are having sex, oils can break down latex condoms and are not suitable for internal use. Perhaps consider using a body safe lube which will also work for massaging the body instead.

Put a towel on the bed and, with your partner lying on their front, start slowly with the neck and shoulders, releasing any tension of the day and allowing them to relax completely. Take your time, use slow, long, gentle strokes at first and don’t go straight for the obvious erogenous zones.

Where else does your male like to have a massage? Is it the nape of their neck or the crook of their knee that turns them on just as much as touching their genitals? Explore their body. Try things you haven’t tried before and see what works. Stroke them from head to toe and aim to have them already aroused before they turn on to their back so you can massage their front.

Although the main aim is to massage your partner, there’s nothing to stop you following your hands on their body with your tongue, and dropping strategic kisses where you know they’ll have the most effect.

Once on their front, instead of immediately touching the genitals, try teasing them a little, stroking up their inner thighs and then moving away from the genitals to increase anticipation.

Communicate, watch and listen to your partner’s reactions, watch their breath and the small reactions of their body that they can’t help. If you are going to have sex later, try talking to them about what you’d like to do to them and ask them to tell you what they’d like.

Focus intently on your partner, on giving them the most pleasure you can, just for the purpose of pleasing them. Don’t expect anything from them in return. Take off the pressure and let them enjoy relaxing and just being, without them having to think that they’ll either have to return the favour later or continue on to full sex if they don’t want to.

Give them the best experience you can, and who knows, next time it could be your turn for the same treatment.

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