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So you’ve found the perfect escort, and now you want to know about how to approach them in order to secure their services. This guide will give you a few general tips to making sure that the discussion is as smooth and easy as possible. After all, escort experiences are supposed to be about pleasure and not business! As a first step, always make sure that you include your contact information with your initial inquest. Whether it’s a website submit form, an email or even over the phone, mention your mobile number and/or email to make sure that they can reference your details. Also, provide your name! Escort experiences are supposed to be personal, so keep things nice and casual by mentioning your first name. If the escort asks for a screening, understand that they are merely ensuring their safety, and it’s a measure that any professional provider of companionship services should be doing. An escort may ask you where you live or the name of your employer – this is purely so that they can confirm you are who you say you are and have a good standing in society. Be honest with the companion and talk a little about yourself – you’re going to find that they are polite and will really appreciate the fact that you were up front and truthful. Finally, never ask an Escort to engage in an activity that she expressly states she will not do. It is reasonable to ask for things that are not explicitly mentioned as being unavailable, and this is encouraged before you meet, as extra preparation or additional payments may be required in order to guarantee the service. Be sure to be well prepared for meeting up with an escort in London by following the suggestions we’ve just given.

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