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Now-a-days, elite women around the world are seeking income opportunities beyond the conventional earning means and escorting wealthy men with refined taste has emerged as a feasible income opportunity for them. If you wish to earn while having plenty of fun, choosing professional escorting as a career option seems to the most sensible decision to take. This article contains a brief guide on how to become an escort. Being an upmarket escort is fundamentally different from being a hooker or a streetwalker. It’s not that your potential clients would want to see you undress only and gain pleasure from that, but they will look for a decent and ‘real’ woman in you who can give them proper emotional support during the moments of loneliness.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to become a pro escort.

What does being a high-class escort mean?

An elite escort develops a special and deep bond with her male clients and is quite different from a streetwalker who just completes her ‘job’ and forgets her client after getting paid. Typically, an elite escort meets very few clients during her professional career. An elite escort generally has the liberty to date gentlemen who has refined taste and preferences. Therefore, do not think that an escort’s job is much like a street girl’s job. It’s essentially much, much different. To become a male escort or a female escort, you need to understand the definition of elite escort first.

What do you need to become a professional escort?


Of course you need to be a stunner as the whole industry is based on perceptions. You should be moderately beautiful, if not outrageously, has pleasant features and all. Remember your hairstyle should match your personality and you need to look good in different outfits. You need to have a photogenic overall appearance. You may try modeling with some agency for some days, as they will groom you initially. Alternatively, you can directly contact an elite escort agency as many reputable escort agencies these days operate in the same way as the modeling agencies do. If you think you can hide the shortcomings by going through cosmetic surgery, you are wrong. The industry constantly looks for natural beauty. If you have that in you, go ahead.

You also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and do exercises and follow a proper diet chart. You need to be fit and healthy and should not consume junk foods or too much of alcohol. Remember that an elite escort is perceived as a top model and all the dietary restrictions that a top model follows should be followed by you as well. During the initial years, avoid late night partying, getting boozed up on most of the days and overeating. There are many examples where top escorts could not climb up the ladder of their career because of irregular and unrestrained lifestyle and food habits. 

You need to be considerably educated for becoming a female escort. Besides getting traditional education, you should also be well-read so that you can join in conversations on myriad topics, art, culture, football, opera, travel, and endless. Keep in mind that getting a degree does not mean that you would be knowledgeable about different topics. You should, instead, read magazines and newspapers regularly and stay abreast of what’s happening around you and in the world.

As an elite escort, you also need to have a pleasant personality overall. You should not have drug problems or personality disorders. You need to have good sense of hygiene and know the right etiquettes. An ideal courtesan is gracious, kind-hearted and dignified, even during the most unfavorable of situations. You should have an amicable personality, to say the least.

Having good style sense is another basic requirement for becoming a female escort.

How to become a private escort?

You need to first work on your soft skills to start working as an escort. You may take up elocution classes if that works for you. After that, you can seek an appointment from an image consultant to check how beautiful you are actually. Getting opinions from your friends may also help. Visit a professional hairstylist and get your hair styled in a professional manner. Having good makeup is also useful for getting a strong foothold in the escort industry, which is unforgiving in many ways. Look natural and do not overdo the makeup part.

You may also take classes in swimming, paragliding, horse riding as many of your future clients would love to have you as a company during such activities. Listen to good music, watch good movies and develop a habit to watch news bulletins. Staying updated about current affairs actually helps.

You can either choose to be an independent escort or an agency escort. If you wish to go with an agency, it means you have to share your profit with the agency. However, joining an agency means many things, including but not limited to payment protection, security, extensive marketing and promotion etc.

I want to become a male escort

If you choose to become a male escort, the process is almost the same. You need to spend some time and effort in grooming yourself, learning soft skills and preparing your portfolio. There are agencies that cater to clients looking for gigolos.

You can contact a professional agency to know more about how to work as an escort. or you can find releted  info at   



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